1. Vision

The Vision is “A Smart and Value-Centred Ministry of Agriculture”. The vision will revitalise MoA’s role of promoting and facilitating a conducive environment for agricultural development.

The Ministry will encourage the adoption of smart and innovative ways to improve production and productivity in the Agriculture Sector.

2. Mission Statement

To realise the vision and achieve strategic results, MoA commits itself to the following Mission Statement: “To facilitate the development of a sustainable and diversified agricultural sector for enhanced income generation, and food and nutrition security”.

The Mission will be realised by enhancing the sector’s competitiveness through cost effective strategies and efficiency improvements, promotion of agricultural and dietary diversification, improving infrastructure and strengthening the regulatory frameworks.

3. Core Values

In executing its mandate, the Ministry upholds the following core values:

  1. Professionalism

We execute our mandate in a skilled and ethical manner.

  1. Commitment

We are dedicated to duty and service.

iii. Transparency

We execute our mandate in an open manner.

  1. Accountability

We are responsible for all our decisions and actions in the execution of our mandate.

  1. Integrity

We are honest and credible in the execution of our mandate.

  1. Teamwork

We execute our mandate in an inclusive and collaborative manner.

vii. Equity

We execute our mandate in an impartial and fair manner.