About the Ministry

Our Objectives


Zambia’s total land area is 75 Million hectares (752,000 Km2), 58 percent (42 Million hectares) is classified as medium to high potential for agricultural production, with rainfall ranging between 800 mm to 1,400 mm annually. This is suitable for the production of a broad range of crops, fish, and livestock. To exploit this potential for agriculture development in order to achieve our vision and mission, the ministry has a number of policy objectives and measures.

Objective 1:    To effectively provide appropriate policies and legal framework that will guide the development of a sustainable, competitive and diversified agriculture sector.

Objective 2: To effectively provide appropriate agricultural information in order to increase awareness.

Objective 3:   To effectively and efficiently manage and develop human resources in order to improve individual and organisational performance.

Objective 4: To effectively manage and provide financial, administrative and logistical support services in order to ensure smooth operations of the Ministry.

Objective 5To effectively plan, monitor and evaluate the implementation of Ministerial and sector policies and programmes in order to ensure attainment of set objectives.

Objective 6: To prevent, control and contain diseases, vectors and pests in order to enhance agricultural production and productivity.

Objective 7: To promote the development of sustainable domestic and foreign markets for agricultural commodities in order to enhance access and generation of income.

Objective 8: To effectively provide training in agriculture and related disciplines in order to meet the labour demands of the sector.

Objective 9: To promote the development of viable and sustainable co-operatives in order to enhance their contribution to job creation and socio-economic development.

Objective 10: To promote and strengthen efficient and effective management of agricultural production and productivity in order to ensure sustainable household and national food and nutrition security, and increased incomes.

Objective 11: To promote the development and utilisation of appropriate agricultural practices in order to improve and sustain the natural resource base

Objective 12: To promote agricultural diversification in order to ensure availability of a wide range of agricultural commodities.