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Nansanga Farm Block is located in Nansanga, Serenje District in Central Province. The farm Block is one of the ten farm blocks across the country with one in each Province. Farm Block development is Government’s initiative that was introduced in 2008 to open up land for agriculture development. The concept of the farm block is for Government to invest in public infrastructure and services to encourage private sector to invest in agriculture production and agroprocessing. In line with this, the Ministry of agriculture is developing the Nansanga Commodity Value Chain Transformation Project to spearhead investments in the Nansanga farm block including investment in agriculture infrastructure, production and agribusiness. The Government will construct an irrigation canal, service centers and extension houses. Other investments include rehabilitation of schools, clinics, roads and a dam. In line with this, the Ministry of Agriculture has finalised the Environmental and Social ImpactAssessment. The impact assessment incorporates all the investment activities that will be  undertaken in the Nansanga Farm Block and how this will impact on the Community in the Nansanga farm block. Further to the public scoping meetings held in August 2023 in Serenje, the Ministry of Agriculture is now inviting stakeholders to the public disclosure meeting to discuss the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). The whole process is being done in compliance with the Environmental Management Act No. 12 of 2011 of the Laws of Zambia, read together with the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, Statutory Instrument No. 28 of 1997. A limited number of stakeholders from the Nansanga Farm block, not exceeding 30, will be invited to attend the disclosure meeting. The meeting is scheduled as detailed below: Meeting venue : Atha Lodge – Serenje Town, Central Province, Date : In the course of February, 2024 Time : 9:00 hrs – 12:30 hrs

All interested parties who may not be accommodated in the physical meeting areencouraged to send all their comments to the Permanent Secretary, – Technical Services, Ministry of Agriculture, Mulungushi House in Lusaka or WhatsApp 0977 881708, on or before 21 st February, 2024. For any further information/clarifications, you’re free to contact the Serenje District Agriculture Coordinator, Ministry of Agriculture on the number already provided above. Find attached the Final Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Report.