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Agribusiness & Marketing


Structure and organization of the department

Agribusiness and Marketing is a department in the ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives (MACO) responsible for revitalizing agricultural marketing in Zambia. The department plays a major role in the socio-economic recovery programme of the country by providing operational policy framework in agricultural market development in order to improve the responsiveness of the stakeholders to market support and agribusiness services. The Department also provides policy direction, monitoring and supervision of statutory bodies and projects within its mandate. These include the Food and Reserve Agency (FRA), the Fertilizer Input Support Programme (FISP) and the Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ).

The Department of Agribusiness and Marketing has two main sections namely, Market Support Services and Agribusiness and Trade. Market support services cover marketing information, marketing research and marketing extension while Agribusiness covers agricultural trade agricultural finance and entrepreneurship training.

DAM`s Overall Objective

Promotion of the development of a:

Competitive, Efficient, Transparent Public and Private Sector Driven Marketing System for Agricultural Commodities (Food & Non-Food) and Inputs (Seed, Fert, Chemicals, Packaging etc)

  • Agribusiness department`s main focus areas
  • Agricultural market information
  • Market infrastructure development
  • Food security assurance
  • Trade facilitation
  • Agribusiness development
  • Agribusiness finance
  • Entrepreneurship skills

Market Support Section

DYNAMISM: Market Information Dissemination