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National Agricultural Information Services


The National Agricultural Information Services (NAIS) is a specialised information wing of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, whose main role is that of supporting the extension services of the ministry through the dissemination of agricultural information through the mass media. NAIS is also the Public Relations wing of the ministry. Among the main functions of NAIS is the dissemination of agricultural technical information to the rural communities with the aim of achieving the national development agenda through rural development in general and agricultural development in particular.



The overall mission of NAIS is to promote the adoption of proven agricultural technologies by small scale farmers through the use of the mass media in order to enhance the adoption of improved farming methods as a way of increasing their production and productivity.

To develop and disseminate appropriate agricultural information to farmers through the use of the mass media in order to enhance the adoption of improved farming methods so as to increase production and productivity.

To create awareness of agricultural programmes and promote and manage the public image of the ministry.

Electronic Collection, Dissemination of Information

Agricultural Production

  • Designing and production of agricultural teaching aids
  • Production of agricultural publications
  • Illustrations and translations
  • Advertising in magazine and newsletter

Press Release

  • News stories
  • Feature articles
  • Press and Public Relations

Broadcasting Migrating from Analogue to Digital Systems of Broadcasting in a modern farming business environment
In view of the digital migration,as a department we are moving in tandem with all media houses to be at the same level of migrating.

Radio Programmes

  • Audio recording services
  • Agricultural radio broadcasts
  • Rural Notebook programmes
  • Audi recording equipment
  • supervision of radio farm forums

TV Documentaries

  • Audio visual services
  • Lima Time television programmes
  • Audio visual equipment
  • Agricultural air space for advertising