Department of Agriculture

Departmental Units

The Technical Services Branch is responsible for providing irrigation services, land husbandry and agricultural mechanisation so as to contribute to increased food production through the application of economically sustainable technologies as well as enhancing sustained use of agricultural land resource base.  The Branch is headed by a Deputy Director and comprises the following three sections with specialised functions:-

Agricultural Mechanisation      Section;

Land Husbandry Section; and                               


Irrigation Engineering Section.

Each of the above Sections is headed by a Chief Agricultural Officer to be responsible for the Specialised Core functions given below:-


The Branch is responsible for the provision of Crop Production Technologies in the following areas:

The Crops Production Branch will therefore serve as an interface between agricultural research and extension services to the lowest level of contact with the farmers, as well as with other relevant organisations, institutions and key stakeholders on crop production matters.

The Branch will be headed by a Deputy Director and will comprise three main Sections each responsible for specific areas of crop production as follows:-


  • Field Crops Agronomy Section;
  • Tree Crops Section; and
  • Vegetables and Floriculture Section.
Field Crops Agronomy



The Agricultural Advisory Services Branch will facilitate timely dissemination of relevant agricultural extension information relating to activities such as crops production, farm management, extension methodology, food and nutrition to enable farmers make enlightened agricultural decisions.  In addition, the Branch will facilitate the provision of technical services and guidance to the farming community in order to increase production and productivity.

The Agricultural Advisory Branch will comprise the following two Sections; each to be headed by a Chief Agricultural Officer and responsible for specific specialised functions:-

      • Extension Services Section; and
        • Extension Services Section;
      • Food and Nutrition Section.
      • Food and Nutrition Section

The Food and Nutrition Section will be headed by a Chief Food and Nutrition Officer and will facilitate the provision of technical services and guidance to the farming community especially women in areas of nutrition and food nutritive value, food utilisation, household food processing, preservation and storage in order to improve knowledge and skills.


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