Seed Control and Certification Institute

Departmental Sections

The section forms the Official Seed Inspectorate Unit of the SCCI. The section other added responsibilities of leading efforts on rural seed business promotion and development. The section further plays a vital role in human resource development through training.

inspection The Plant Variety Registration, Testing and Protection section conducts tests on new candidate varieties for their Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability (DUS) as well and for Value for Cultivation and Use (VCU).  These tests are carried out to ascertain the identity and credentials of different varieties and to assist the farming community to make informed choices on the varieties they intend to use. The activity also protects the owners of the varieties against biopiracy. The section is involved in enforcing the Plant Breeders Rights Act (No.  18 of 2007). The specific activities of the unit include: –
  • evaluating varieties for the Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability (DUS),
  • assessing the Value for Cultivation and Use (VCU) of varieties,
  • carrying out Control growing tests and applied seed research and
  • enforcing Plant Breeders Rights.

The Official Seed Testing Station (OSTS) is the official seed testing laboratory for Zambia. It is the hub of the Seed Control and Certification Institute. The testing determines mainly the physical and physiological quality attributes of seed lots. The major tests carried out include germination capacity, vigor, analytical purity, weed count, moisture content, seed health and other special and specialized tests.