Policy and Planning Department

Department Units

The Branch is headed by an Assistant Director and is responsible for:

  • Coordinating policy formulation, analysis and advice as well as preparing Cabinet Memorandum; and coordinating parliamentary business;
  • Coordinating sector performance analysis through various policy studies;
  • Analyzing the socio-economic impact of the Ministry’s policy on agricultural development, which will include impact of government, donor, private, NGOs aided programmes;
  • Preparation of policy guidelines and annual economic reports;
  • Maintaining an agricultural statistics database and provision of early warning information on food security; and,
  • Mainstreaming of gender and HIV/AIDS and other cross-cutting issues within the sector.

The Branch is headed by an Assistant Director and is responsible for performing the following functions:


  • Programme project planning, monitoring and evaluation, budgeting, donor coordination and monitoring NGOs and private sector activities in the agricultural sector;
  • Monitoring achievements and performance of the agricultural sector as outlined in the policy framework;
  • Preparing the Agricultural Section Chapter of the annual Economic Review, quarterly, semi-annual and annual progress reports;
  • Developing performance indicators which include regular reports on sectorial performance;
  • Monitoring and evaluating financial flows and utilization of funds in the Ministry (Budget Performance Analysis);
  • Coordinating the preparation of the Ministry’s Strategic Plan and carrying out annual reviews; and
  • Coordinating Regional and technical cooperation agreements in the agricultural sector.