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FRA has disbursed K74.4 million .

Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has disbursed K74.4 million to small-scale
farmers in various designated districts.
Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka today, FRA Board Chairperson Joe Simachela said the Agency will be buying a 50 Kg of maize at K110, 50kg
soya beans at K150 and 40kg paddy rice at k70.
Mr Simachela said that FRA has budgeted a sum of 174 million kwacha towards the purchasing of 300,000 metric tonnes of maize, 4,000 metric tonnes soya beans and 1,000 metric tonnes of paddy rice.
Mr. Simachela said that government remains committed to releasing funds to ensure that FRA meets its purchasing target.He Simachela said that the Agency has increased its crop buying price due to the decline in the production of agricultural commodities.
“In the case of maize the staple crop, production is forecast to decrease
to 2,004,389 metric tonnes from 2,394, 907 metric tonnes produced last year
which represents a decline in production of 16%.’ He added.
Mr. Simachela stated that the decrease in crop production is due to the
prolonged dry spells that had hit some parts of the country especially the
southern region in the 2018/2019 farming season.
“As you may be aware during the 2018/2019 agricultural season the country
experienced so prolonged dry spell between January and March 2019 which affected the Southern, Western, some parts of Lusaka and central province. The prolonged dry spells have had a negative impact on the production of most crops,” said Mr. Simachela.
Mr. Simachelas has since assured the nation of being food secure regardless of the effects of the climate change.*-NAIS*

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