ZImba District Commissioner Robson Mulamfu has assured farmers in his district that agricultural inputs under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) will this season be distributed early to ensure increased Productivity and Production.

Mr. Mulamfu made the assurance to farmers following the Ministry of Agriculture’s early flagging of input distribution for the 2023/2024 agricultural season.

The District Commissioner was speaking when he graced the Zimba District Agricultural and Commercial Show at Nakowa grounds in Zimba.

Mr. Mulamfu challenged the various Cooperatives and Women groups who exhibited crops and Livestock during the show to take farming as a business.

And Zimba Town Council Chairperson Loveness Chigora said the new dawn administration will ensure that each farmer gets a profit in each crop produced.

Ms. Chigora praised government for increasing the purchase of Maize from K180 to K280 per 50 kilogramme bag of Maize through the Food Reserve Agency.

She noted that farmers in the district will collect equal number of bags of fertilizer comprising a pack of 6 bags of fertilizer, maize, groundnuts, and cowpeas seed.

Ms. Chigora appealed to farmers to increase crop production during the 2023/2024 season as the input distribution has since been flagged off by the Minister of Agriculture.

Meanwhile Zimba District Agricultural Coordinator Alfred Sianjase said government will aims at improving the livelihoods of farmers through diverse agricultural interventions.

Mr. Sianjase thanked Seed Companies who participated during the show and called for continued collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture in service delivery to farmers.