MOReDeP conducts refresher trainings on rice farming in Luapula

Market-Oriented Rice Development Project (MOReDeP) conducted refresher trainings on harvest and post-harvest handling for extension officers and lead farmers in the Luapula province. After this trainings, the participants are expected to work as trainers for farmers in their camps and disseminate the knowledge acquired in the training. Harvest and post-harvest handling is one of the important steps to determine the rice grain quality, and there are a number of simple techniques and tips which small-scale farmers can bring into practice easily. While those techniques and tips have been already learned at the MOReDeP’s rice cultivation technique training conducted in the past, this training sessions specifically focusing on the stage were arranged according to the requests from extension officers and farmers. From now to May, this refresher trainings for trainers and the following trainings for farmers will continue to take place in the Luapula and Western provinces, and a total of 80 extension officers and lead farmers and 3,400 farmers are expected to benefit from the trainings across the country.