MOReDeP conducted Market-Oriented Rice Production Training in the Western province

Market-Oriented Rice Development Project (MOReDeP) conducted the 4th Training of Trainers (TOT) on Market-Oriented Rice Production. This time, 27 trainers, who has been trained by a series of trainings since Aug 2023, learned rice cultivation techniques (particularly harvest and post-harvest handling), marketing (particularly sales), and business management (particularly cost keeping). After this training, the participants […]

MOReDeP: Interview with a PAO who completed his study in Japan

Mr. Simbarashe Mubambwe is a Principal Agricultural Officer from the North-Western province, Zambia. He participated in a JICA’s long-term training program from 2021 to 2023 and just completed his post-graduate study “MSc in Safe and Reliable Agricultural Production” at Yamagata University.   Question 1: Could you briefly tell us about your course work?   My […]

MOReDeP- A research paper on RYMV (Rice Yellow Mottle Virus) has been published

Market-oriented Rice Development Project (MOReDeP) has been collaborating with Dr. Rabson Mulenga from Zambia Agriculture Research Institute (ZARI) for research on rice pathology, and a produced research paper, “Coat protein genealogy and complete genome characterization of field isolates of Rice yellow mottle virus from Zambia”, was published in “Journal of Phytopathology”. The article can be […]

MOReDeP – Market-Oriented Rice Production training programs began in Western and Luapula

Market-oriented Rice Development Project (MOReDeP) started a training program to empower smallholder farmers with a set of capacities to undertake “Rice Production as a Business” in a sustainable manner. The program targets 9,000 farmers this season and has already conducted various activities including sensitization sessions, market surveys, stakeholder matching forums, rice production technical training sessions, […]

MOReDeP- Quality rice seeds were harvested in Mansa

Market-Oriented Rice Development Project (MOReDeP) harvested about 15 tons of quality rice seeds in ZARI’s Mansa Research Station, and more seeds are being harvested in Mongu Resarch Station and Mt.Makulu Research Station. These seeds will be distributed to farmers for their cultivation next season through MOReDeP’s project activity.

MOReDeP promotes mechanised rice production in Chitambo

By Chisanga Morgan   As demand for rice increases in the country, the Ministry of Agriculture has partnered with Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) through Market Oriented Rice Development Project (MOReDeP) to promote rice mechanization among small-scale farmers in Chitambo so as increase their productivity. MOReDeP has in recent parts expressed worry by the poor […]

MOReDeP – Improving rice seeds in Zambia

To make quality rice seeds widely available, it is critical to establish a functional mechanism of the production of quality certified rice seeds and the maintenance of the early generation seeds. For the purpose of the capacity development of human resources engaging in such activities, the Market-Oriented Rice Development Project (MOReDeP) conducted a training on […]

MOReDeP – Rice seeds are ready to harvest!

Market-Oriented Rice Development Project (MOReDeP) is growing rice seeds in the Zambia Agriculture Research Institute’s research fields (ZARI) in various regions, and about 30 tons of quality rice seeds are ready to harvest. These seeds will be distributed to farmers for their cultivation next season through MOReDeP’s project activity.