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Enhancing capacity for plant health directorate services in Zambia - Training at Fringilla - Chisamba
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Agriculture Productivity and Market Enhancement Project (APMEP) who publish
proposals that call upon members of the public to participate in project implementation
via tenders. You can as well stay up to date with latest agricultural news and success
stories from NAIS on what is happening in the agricultural sector.
Irrigation Scheme being implemented by Agriculture Productivity and Market
Enhancement Project (APMEP)
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Clients and Stakeholder Analysis

The MoA identified the following clients and their needs that the Ministry should meet as it executes its mandate:


Download the FISP Handbook below

Farmer Input Support Programme Contracts


1. The Comprehensive Agriculture Transformation Program (CATSP) is designed to translate into action the will and commitment of the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) to implement an agriculture transformation policy. The implementation of this agriculture transformation policy is based on the deployment of a compendium of policy instruments inspired by the lessons learned from experiences on a global scale, but also in Africa and Zambia. Download for details

The Zambia Emergency Food Production Facility (ZEFPF) is anchored on the Bank’s AFCREF framework document and has four objectives:
  • (i) To improve availability of certified seeds and fertilizer for a one-hectare plot to 45,000 emergent farmer beneficiaries (50% female) using Innovation and ICT platforms and based on the existing private sector-based distribution channels.
  •  (ii) To improve affordability of certified seeds and fertilizer to beneficiary farmers (women and youths) through smart subsidies (50%) delivered through an electronic platform that enhances transparency, accountability and sustainability.
  •  (iii) To improve efficiency and productivity through strengthening of extension systems for promoting TAAT based good agricultural practices and climate smart agriculture. 
  • (iv) To support Government’s commitment and implementation of agriculture and trade policy reforms that create enabling environment to support market-led input distribution and import and export markets. Download details here

Lastest News

Irrigation Development Support Programme TV Edisodes

IDSP Capacity Building

IDSP Introduction

Happy Farmer's Days

President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA says Government will this year rollout a special credit facility for civil servants to access funding to engage in agriculture activities. President HICHILEMA says
Government has already started talking to Commercial Banks to manage the
special agriculture credit facility.
The President says the facility is meant to encourage people who are not eligible
to access the Farmer Input Support Program-FISP- to invest in productive
agriculture ventures. The government has already started talking to commercial banks to manage the
special agriculture credit facility

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