Clients and Stakeholder Analysis

The MoA identified the following clients and their needs that the Ministry should meet as it executes its mandate:

Slide Kaoma district has been allocated 1,800 metric tonnes of D compound and
1,800 metric tonnes of urea
Vist the E-Extension
Slide WELCOME MESSAGE We are glad that you are visiting the website for the Ministry of Agriculture. Feel free to
check our service chatter on the header menu where you can be guided on any
Agribusiness. We understand there farmers who export plants, therefore you can check
our PQPS Department for further guidelines. Also under projects, we have a lot of
projects that are interfacing with the farming community such
Agriculture Productivity and Market Enhancement Project (APMEP) who publish
proposals that call upon members of the public to participate in project implementation
via tenders. You can as well stay up to date with latest agricultural news and success
stories from NAIS on what is happening in the agricultural sector.
Agriculture Minister Reuben Mtolo officially hands over tractors and other
implements to 11 farmer enterprises
Government launches a 10 million united states Markets and Seeds access project-MASAP
aimed at accelerating seed production in the country.
Irrigation Scheme being implemented by Agriculture Productivity and Market
Enhancement Project (APMEP)
Farmers e-Extension
Agribusiness Traders
Students /Researchers
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