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Who we are

In Zambia Agriculture plays a key role of supporting industries by the production of the required raw materials , producing exportable agricultural goods, generating employment particularly in rural areas, as well as providing food stuffs essential for the sustenance of acceptable nutrition standards and levels.

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Zambia’s total land area is 75 Million hectares (752,000 Km2), 58 percent (42 Million hectares) is classified as medium to high potential for agricultural production, with rainfall ranging between 800 mm to 1,400 mm annually. This is suitable for the production of a broad range of crops, fish, and livestock. To exploit this potential for agriculture development in order to achieve our vision and mission, the ministry has a number of policy objectives and measures.

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Vision Statement

To be a committed, focused and proactive institution that provides quality agricultural goods and services which assures food and nutrition security, increased incomes and  contribute to poverty reduction.

Mission Statement

To facilitate and support the development of a sustainable, diversified and competitive agricultural sector that assures food and nutrition security, contributes to job creation and maximises the sector’s contribution to GDP.

Stake Holders

The Ministry reviewed the list of its stakeholders and their interests in the context of its mandate, capability and major developments in the environment. 

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National Agriculture Policy

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Latest News


Agriculture Permanent Secretary JULIUS SHAWA says 30 per cent of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted along the supply chain every year.


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