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The main function of the Department of Fisheries is to oversee the implementation of the national fisheries programes in capture fisheries and aquaculture development. The department is also responsible for the enforcement and regulation of the Fisheries Act, cap 22 of 2011 of the laws of Zambia. It carries out research in fisheries and aquaculture, in order to achieve a sustainable fishing industry and economic benefits.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Fisheries is to ensure sustainable exploitation of capture fisheries and development of aquaculture in Zambia.


The overall objective of the Department is to promote sustainable utilisation of fisheries resources in Zambia. The objective is to be achieved by employing responsive research, extension strategies, training programmes and promoting public/private partnerships at all levels of development and management of the fisheries sub-sector.


Structural Organisation and Functions

The Department of Fisheries is headed by a Director and has two Branches namely Capture Fisheries Management and Development and Aquaculture Development. It is responsible for:

  • Coordination of Research and Management of Capture Fisheries resources.

  • Administration of fisheries legislation in relation to fisheries resources in natural lakes, rivers, swamps and flood plains.

  • Coordinating aquaculture research and development with respect to the development systems for best aquacultural practices for fish and other aquatic organisms in dams, ponds, weirs and cages.

  • Building capacities for fisheries training institutions, Departmental staff, fish farmers, private and local communities in order to improve the performance of the sub-sector.

  • Development of a comprehensive fisheries and aquaculture information management system that enhances the storage, retrieval and dissemination of information for the benefit of all stakeholders in the fisheries sub-sector.


Objectives 1: To ensure sustainable development of the fisheries and aquaculture sub-sector
Objective 2: To effectively provide appropriate fisheries and aquaculture information in order to increase awareness
Objective 3: To prevent, control and contain fish diseases in order to enhance fisheries and aquaculture production and productivity
Objective 4: To promote and strengthen the efficient management of fisheries and aquaculture production and productivity in order to ensure sustainable household and national food and nutrition security
Objective 5: To promote the development of appropriate fishing gears in order to ensure sustainable utilisation of the natural fisheries resource base
Objective 6: To promote fisheries and aquaculture diversification in order to ensure availability of a wide range of fisheries commodities

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Organisation and Functions

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