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Kafue District Cooperative Society transforms lives

By Margaret Chirwa & Michael Mwale

The members of New Kafue Multipurpose realize that they should not be liabilities but rather be assets to their organization by contributing responsibly for their cooperative to perform well. It is therefore prudent for some cooperative to emulate New Kafue Multipurpose for them to succeed.

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Profile of Agriculture Commodities in Zambia

The profile of agriculture products is wide. Some of the common crops grown in Zambia include:

maize; wheat; soya beans; ground nuts; cotton; tobacco; sunflower; sorghum; coffee; rice; cassava; sugar and horticulture.

There are other emerging products such as palm, jatropha and barley which some producers have ventured into but the pie chart below is a comprehensive overview of the crops as captured in the crop forecast . Livestock farming on the other hand includes: beef; poultry; dairy; pork and ruminants such as goats, sheep, rabbits etc. All these products reflect the huge potential for primary production and the resultant downstream processing that could be developed.

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Plant Clinics

Zambia Agriculture Research Institute (ZARI) with support from Centre for Agriculture and...

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ISCTRC outgoing Chairperson Prof. ARMED commended Zambian government for commitment torwards control of tsetse


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Crop Forecast

National Food Balance for Zambia for the 2013/2014 Agricultural Marketing Season


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