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Heifer buys Birds and Goats.

Heifer International is procuring chicken and goat stocks from Monze District for districts in the Northern and Muchinga Privinces under the Livestock Infrastructure Support Project, (LISP).


Heifer International Project Manager Wiza Mbale disclosed to NAIS that his organization has embarked on sourcing for a good breed of chickens and goats in Monze district and intends to procure about 555 birds and 360 goats.

Mr. Mbale said Heifer International was not only procuring the birds and goats from the district but will also educate about 13,000 households in livestock production and productivity, in order to increase individual farmer income per month.

He advised the farmers to take advantage of the government’s LISP structures and improve on their animal husbandry adding that Heifer International’s initiative to buy the chickens and goats from the local farmers was a good ideal.

Mr. Mbale said as the overseer of agricultural activities in the district, he welcomes the move by Heifer International as it was the mandate for the Ministry of Agriculture under the Department of Agribusiness to provide market linkages for agricultural products, to the small scale farmers.

He, however, encouraged the farmers to work in groups in order to improve on the breed thereby strengthening their bargaining power.

 And Monze District Agricultural Coordinator Justine Ngosa has commended Heifer International for providing a market to the farmers.

Mr. Ngosa   appealed to the buyers to consider entering into a permanent agreement with farmers to be purchasing the products on a monthly basis. 

The chickens and the goats being bought from Monze are of high breed and will be screened for any infirmities before they are transported out of the district.

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