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Result 2. Sector Policy, Planning and Financial Management improved


Strengthen Sector Dialogue and coordination

PEP supported a large stakeholder workshop convened by MAL to: (i). review the National Agricultural Investment Plan (NAIP) to determine any gaps in the situation analysis, investment areas identified, results framework, budget and implementation framework, (ii). To provide input to those gaps and (iii). To endorse the NAIP. The revised NAIP was submitted to NEPAD for an Independent Technical Review and was subsequently launched in May 2013 by the Vice President.

Strengthening capacity for policy development, monitoring and analysis

PEP supported the Department of Agriculture to update the farmer register in the 10 districts, to pilot the approach as a basis for strengthening the farmer register nationally, as a basis for MAL management activities and subsidy programmes. 505,618 farmers were registered. In addition, PEP and RESCAP jointly supported the Department of Agriculture annual review and planning meeting in November 2013.

Assist with development of sector Strategic Plan

Two workshops were jointly funded by MAL and PEP and facilitated by staff from the Management Development Division (MDD) of Cabinet Office to draft a new sector Strategic Plan. This draft was later subjected to a wider stakeholder’s consultation. Following these consultations the Strategic Plan was submitted to MDD for approval. The Strategic Plan has since been approved by MDD and is ready for launching by the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock.

Review of planning and budgeting process & development of Planning and Budget Guidelines

A review of the planning and budgeting process and the development of Planning and Budgeting Guidelines, supported by PEP, began with a situational analysis to investigate the current planning and budgeting process at all levels and identify ways of improving it carried out in two provinces. This then provided the basis for the development of planning and budgeting guidelines for the ministry which are currently lacking.

Continue support to roll-out and operationalisation of IFMIS

The MAL Human Resource Development and Training (HRDT) section were assisted in identifying IFMIS training needs and organising training all approving officers (Directors), together with refresher training for profilers and requisitioners.

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