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Programme Performance

The following are the major achievements in each result area to January 2013.

Result 1. Change Management and Service Delivery Improved

Establishment of Change Management Mechanisms

Programme governance arrangement have been established including a Project Steering Committee (PS level and external stakeholders) to provide strategic guidance, a Change Management Team (the 10 departmental Directors the Chief Accountant and representatives from Cabinet Office) and Provincial Change Management Teams (Provincial Heads of Departments and District Agricultural Coordinators). A Programme Support Unit provides technical and administrative support, through the two Technical Assistants, a project Accountant and a project Administer.

Leadership, management and supervisory skills training

PEP is supporting the Department of Human Resource and Administration in planning a leadership training programme, which will be implemented in PE2. A management skills training programme for middle managers has already been successfully conducted at all provincial capitals and for HQ staff and Zambia College of Agriculture, Monze were contracted to conduct two supervisory skills courses for district staff from Lusaka and Southern Provinces.


Collaborating with RESCAP for extension harmonisation

The Department of Agriculture, supported by the Rural Extension Service Capacity Building Project (RESCAP) and PEP, has been facilitating a process of standardising and harmonising field-level extension delivery approaches by the different service providers. PEP has supported this process.

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