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Programmes being undertaken

  1. Market information, research and dissemination (AMIS)

    This involves;

    • Data collection, collation and analysis

    • Transmission and Dissemination through CRS`s & Other media

    • Management of market information database

    • Conducting of demand market research

    • Orientation of province and district staff in data collection and analysis tools,

    • Supervising fields field staff

  2. Market Infrastructure and Post Harvest
    This involves;

    • Inventory and inspection of infrastructure

    • Conduction needs assessment of infrastructure

    • Monitoring and inspection of strategic food reserves.

    • Facilitating resources for infrastructure development

    • Management of database for all the infrastcture within your district/province

  3. Trade and Entrepreneurship
    this involves;

    • Issuance of Agricultural import/export permits,

    • Participate in Regional/international trade fora,

    • Conducting Border supervisions and Inspections,

    • Holding bi-weekly SPS meeting,

    • Holding monthly stakeholders meetings,

    • Facilitating training in entrepreneurship

    • Review of various marketing legislation

    • Management of agricultural trade database

  4. Agricultural Finance and Credit

    • Inventory of available agricultural finance,

    • Linking farmers to agricultural finance,

    • Management of database on agricultural finance.

  5. Farmers Input Support Programmes

    • Procurement of fertiliser and seed

    • Conducting audits and monitoring revenue collections,

    • Conducting impact assessment of the programme,

    • Supervision of input distribution,

    • Management and coordination



We closely collaborate with the following stake-holders:

  • Farmers,

  • Agro-dealers

  • Millers & Other Value Adding Processors

  • Commodity Traders

  • Rural Finance Institutions

  • Retail Outlets (Shoprite, Spur etc)

  • Hotels Lodges

  • Outgrower schemes

  • Rural Roads Departments

  • Community Radio stations

  • Transporters




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